We all hope for a better future, especially for a healthy planet unaffected by climate change and pollution - and for that to be possible, we need to do our bit today. Every living being deserves a healthy climate and ample fresh air to breathe. However, we believe that this hope needs to translate into concrete action - which is why "Weplantree" was born. We are a social enterprise that gives it's best to create a better environment. We plant saplings in a scientific and planned manner to restore our planet’s green cover - this methodology has its roots in planning, hence the name "Weplantree".

We Plan and Plant Trees

About Us

We do more than just planting saplings - we take a scientific approach to planting them, with managerial and technical expertise that’s second to none. Our planet’s future depends on it.

Scientific Planning

We work with relevant authorities and technical experts to identify feasible swathes of land that are conducive to the planting process. Our long term vision enables us to identify the ideal sapling for its surroundings. For instance, saplings planted in city limits will be those that don’t grow beyond 10 feet so as to not hamper existing or upcoming power lines. Similarly, fruit bearing trees will be restricted to farm land so as to benefit the farmers tending to them.

Farmer Welfare

We also actively enhance farmer welfare by planting saplings today that will be fruit-bearing trees tomorrow. Farmers don’t often plant fruit-bearing trees due to their capital and time intensive nature, but we not only plant these trees for farmers yet also guide and fund them on maintaining them until they attain self-sustaining growth. This not only provides the farmer with an additional income but increases the real estate value of the farmer’s land. In doing so, we also care for farmer welfare while working towards our environmental goals.

Our process

Our process makes it exceptionally easy for you to be a part of the change you want to see. This process allows you to plant as many trees as you’d like, just like how you’d order a hot meal or a cup of coffee.

  1. Step 1 : Visit our website. Choose the number of trees you’d like to plant.
  2. Step 2: Pay for them at checkout.
  3. Step 3: You will receive an e-mail & SMS confirmation of your purchase.
  4. Step 4: You will receive updates on the plantation dates, geotags, and photographs of the sapling planted followed by periodic updates.

Regular Updates

We believe in keeping you updated at every step of the way, giving you the chance to see your sapling’s evolution through life. We regularly update our website with photos and videos of your sapling, and also send SMS & email regarding the status of your sapling - thereby allowing you to virtually track the sapling’s growth into a self sustaining tree.

Sapling Audits

Our saplings are planted at Mother Nature’s mercy, owing to which there arises a need to audit our saplings on a regular basis. We account for saplings that haven’t successfully grown due to unforeseen circumstances such as animal destruction or inability to grow. To mitigate these circumstances, we plant additional saplings right at the plantation stage and also replace damaged saplings with healthy saplings to ensure a 100% success rate at all our plantations. As our mission continues to progress, we will regularly release counts of our saplings and issue updates on how we plan to bring our ecological goals to life. This audit helps us in ensuring that your contributions will always lead to the growth of a new tree

Rooted Commitment

WeplanTree is a corporate entity dedicated solely to India’s ecological advancement. We believe in the fundamental right to clean air and a healthy climate, and use the expertise of dedicated, committed professionals to bring this vision to life. Not just volunteers.


Planting of trees has plethora of advantages and it is one of the ways where we can try to reverse climate change .


  • A tree can absorb upto 150 kg of CO2 per year , sequester carbon and consequently mitigate climate change .
  • Strategic planting of trees can cool the air by 2° to 8° C
  • They act as a good filter for urban pollutants
  • Mature trees can help in water flow and to improve the water quantity
  • Spending time near trees improves physical & mental health by increasing energy levels and speed of recovery, while decreasing stress & blood pressure
  • Trees placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs upto 30% and save energy used for heating by 20-50%
  • Trees provide habitat , food & protection to plants and animals thereby increasing bio-diversity .
  • Reduce noise pollution.

Planting Trees in Agricultural Land

  • Planting trees & crops in the same area makes it a Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Enhances Climate Resilience of Farms
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Fruit bearing trees or Timber Yielding Trees generate additional income for the farmer
  • Increases Bio-Diversity
  • Reduces soil erosion & controls it
  • Trees act as a barrier for high winds thereby protecting the crop from gusty winds & restricted animal movement .
  • Diversified Farmland
  • Substantial increase in Value of the Property


We use public areas for planting such as parks & boulevards We choose an area which is already protected in some way to make sure our saplings are not harmed by the animals or even by humans .


We have understood that the majority of farmers don’t plant fruit bearing trees as it is not only capital intensive but also time consuming . We work with farmers by providing them with fruit bearing or timber yielding trees to be planted on the peripheral of their farmland. With your support we provide them with all the resources to plant trees and we help them take care of it till it reaches self sustainability .


There are many people who own lands but are not into farming or into any form of forestry. Vacant lands are the major contributors in soil erosion as there is nothing binding the soil . We take such landlords into confidence and plant trees on their farmlands .

Physical Evaluation

We evaluate the planting site based on

  • Land condition
  • Soil condition
  • Water availability
  • Round the year weather conditions

Choice of saplings

Based on the physical evaluation by our experts we make a list of saplings which are suitable for plantation site .

  • Native species with respect to the region
  • We choose saplings based on their foliage when it is fully grown
  • We also consider the growth of the root in order to make sure it does not hamper the surrounding.
  • Preferences of the community around the planting site is taken into consideration as they are the immediate benefactors of the saplings.

Types of Planting

Traditional method of planting Kadnad method of planting
Traditional method of planting is where saplings are planted at a distance of about 6-10 feet apart from each other .These trees tend to grow wider as they are not restricted to grow vertical as they are not densely planted. Kadnad is an Indian traditional dense forestry method of planting native saplings. Here the saplings are planted very close to each other such that 700-800 native saplings are planted in a space of just 1000 sq.ft. These are found to grow very fast as they are densely planted and they grow faster in search of sunlight .


The saplings are nurtured till they reach self sustainability by following a systematic process wherein

  • Mulching
  • Manuring
  • De-Weeding .
  • Watering .

are done on a regular & timely basis . Our regular nurturing & monitoring of the sapling helps in making sure we nurture the sapling into becoming a tree .



100 sapling were planted by Mr.Sukhen along with his close friends and family to honur the life of his wife who was the nature lover herself.


Karnataka ratna Dr.Puneeth Rajkumar was a nature lover by heart and was very supportive of our initiative. We planted 250 saplings in remembrance of great soul

Total Energy

We planted 1000 saplings in Kadnad forestry method as part of Total Energy's CSR initiative


650 sapling were planted by the employees of amazon as a tribute to their colleagues who last their life during covig pandamic

Crowd Funding

We planted 1000 saplings in Kadnad forestry method as part of initiative

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